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360 Clever provides the ability to stitch individual images together to create an accurate 3D digital rendering of a space. This advanced technology captures the exact size and space between items to give a scale replica of any area.

This 360 model can then be linked to a line of business or database application to provide clickable interactive data points.

All of our 360 models are VR Compatible and can be uploaded to an Oculus Headset to provide a full immersive experience.

360 Imaging can be used in a wide rage of industry sectors:

Housing Developers

Enhance your existing marketing material so your buyers experience next level advertising! Create virtual tours of all your different housetypes effortlessly. Your clients will feel like they are stepping through the front door of their new home. The technology captures the size and space of any housetype, helping you sell off plan when plot access isn’t always possible. 360 Clever can also perfectly capture the essence of any show home to grab the attention of clients before they even get to site.


Project Managers

Now you can easily check on how a scheme is progressing without having to travel endless miles time and time again. Often project meetings are held onsite unnecessarily wasting precious resources and time in an already tight projects. External, internal and birdseye views angels are captured so you don’t actually have to be physically there. 360 Clever eliminates the need for face to face appointments so you can utilise the manpower where it is needed.


Estate Agents

Bring your photos to life. With the housing marketing adapting to this digital climate and vendors opting to use advanced technology such as drone photography to sell homes, digital is the way forward. Going digital eliminates needless vender and accompanied viewings by filtering out the serious buyers, viewers will already have a real feel for what a property is like before they even pick up the phone to arrange a viewing. 3D video tours and floorplans are captured in the one go so floorplans can be utilised to their full potential. Make your property details stand out from the crowd on Rightmove.

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