5 Reasons Why You Need a Good Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the visual representation of your business. Not only does it convey your key messages and overall core values, but it also allows you to compete with or work alongside others within your industry.

Your brand identity is essentially the backbone of your business and may be used on merchandise or a variety of other marketing materials, which is why you need to make a good and lasting impression. A great example of a good brand identity is Amazon. The logo is more than just the word ‘Amazon’, the use of an arrow pointing from the a to the z, implies just that – they have everything from a-z! The fact the arrow also makes a smile conveys the happiness customers will experience by shopping online with them.

See how it is more than just a good-looking logo?


Here are 5 reasons why having a strong brand identity is crucial for your business:

1. Awareness

Not only are the strongest brands instantly recognisable, but they help differentiate your business from the competition. The more memorable your branding is, the longer-lasting the impression will be on customers, making them more likely to choose your brand over the competition – which is the main goal at the end of the day!

2. Personality

Your brand identity should be utilised as much as possible, and what better way than incorporating your personality. Are you a professional company that values precision and high-quality service, or are you a fun and energetic company that thrives on bringing positivity to clients and customers? Whatever you want to communicate, it can be applied to your brand identity and conveyed through your website and a variety of branded marketing materials. 

3. Consistency

Your business should be one cohesive package and promoted the same throughout. You don’t want to come across as confusing and unreliable to the extent customers don’t want anything to do with you. You want your messages to be clear and easy to understand across all platforms

4. Experience

Similar to consistency, if you want to convey the message that the services or products you provide are of high quality, then what better way to show that instantly? By creating a powerful brand identity, customers or clients will have the perception that the services and products you offer will be provided well and of high quality.

5. Trust

A good way to stand out amongst the competition is by building trust with your customers. Conveying a clear and thoughtful message can form deeper bonds between an audience who shares the same values. Take the Unilever logo, for example, the ‘U’ is made up of icons such as a sun, a dove, a plant, and a bee to name a few, which highlights their value and commitment to sustainable living, and showing one of their main goals is to share their products with those who share the same values.

Without a good brand identity, your business cannot be at its fullest potential. Especially with the way the world is evolving online, you need a strong online presence, and a well-made brand identity is pretty much your key to the door.

If you consider these 5 reasons when creating your brand identity you’re sure to produce a logo and brand that stands out in the crowd. But if you think branding is something worth investing in, we have a team of creative professionals that are always here to help! Speak to our lovely team today on 01228 830081 or email us at hello@workcleverdigital.co.uk

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