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At Work Clever Digital we can support any business through their digital transformation by creating a range of immersive digital solutions or fully responsive, real-time business platforms.

Digital is the future

What is CRM? Customer relationship management is a system that manages and compiles all customer data in one place. It also streamlines inter-team communication in order to boost productivity and sales.


150,00 people use CRM every single day

(Source: superoffice)

87% of businesses use cloud based CRM compared with 12% in 2008

The average return on technology investment in 2020 is $8.71 for every dollar spent

(Source: Nucleus Research)

We predict more companies will invest in CRM to become more GDPR complient

CRM software see sales increase by 29%

(Source: Salesforce)

Using CRM can increase sales conversion rates by up to 300%

(Source: Cloudwave)

34.6% of sales professionals say CRM tools have a significant impact on their company's bottom line

Only 22% of companies using non-mobile CRM meet their sales quotas

compared to 65% of those that use mobile CRM systems

The need for CRM has never been greater

CRM is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenue by 2025


Why choose us…

A deep-rooted knowledge

With over 40 years’ experience in Software Development and over 10 years’ experience in design, we have a force capable of catapulting you full speed into the business stratosphere.

A blend of talent

Our team has a breadth of knowledge in the areas of software development, user experience design, user interface design, graphic design, branding, social media, website design and 360’ photography… to name just a few of our attributes! We work collaboratively to give you a well-rounded experience making sure the product you receive meets all your needs.

All tailored to you

Out-the-box applications are dime-a-dozen and your business deserves much more than that. We empower our clients to embrace your unique-ness by offering a tailored solution that fit you and only you.

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