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El Escapar Mexicana

El Escapar is a Mexican street food vendor that specialises in creating tantalizing and zesty dishes that envelop your taste buds, transporting you into a distant land of exotic flavours. This is a new venture of chef Jamie, who had worked in the capacity for over 10 years. El Escapar is by far the most exciting thing to hit the Carlisle food scene since bourbon biscuits.

“[The] “click and collect” application, was an idea they brought to the table and will really help boost sales. Overall a fantastic company and I would highly recommend!”

Jamie Harris

The challenge

Despite creating the dream of all food dishes, they had a couple of factors holding them back from creating their own mini Mexico, right here in the heart of Carlisle. Issue one – the double yellow lines outside their premises, because of this, Jamie was being increasingly asked if he took telephone orders, which he does not. And there was no way Jamie was going to be able to answer calls, prepare, cook, pack orders, without sprouting six extra arms and evolving into some sort of octopus creature. But because this service wasn’t available, Jamie found he was losing a lot of orders.

The second problem was their lack of online presence to facilitate the display of their menu and to showcase their upcoming pop-up events.

The WCD solution

Finding a solution to this issue sent a wave of enthusiasm through the team. We knew it was an issue faced by many small food outlets in the local area and could potentially fuel the prosperity of not only El Escapar Mexicana but the whole local food industry.

Taking inspiration from large corporations, the team were able to scale down an idea that would allow a local business to compete with the heavy hitters. The team created a website to give Jamie’s business an online presence but also included the function for customers to pre-order their food, meaning Jamie could offer a Click-and-Collect service. Relieving the consumer pain point of not being able to make telephone orders, whilst simultaneously creating an SEO optimised online presence.

The outcome

WCD built El Escapar a bespoke website that included an E-Commerce online ordering system, social media updates and up to date menus to allow customers to order from the menu and collect at a specific time. Here’s what Jamie had to say…thanks, Jiggy (we feel we are on nickname terms now) working with you has been spicy…

“as well as offering a quality product at a great price all staff were very helpful by suggesting different ways to maximise the effectiveness of the website.”

Jamie Harris

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