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Allow your customers to order their favourite restaurant
food from the comfort of their own home

A simple food ordering system

Do you have a restaurant, cafe, sandwich shop or any other food establishment that would benefit from an online order service but refuse to pay the extortionate fees of the bigger food apps? Charging up to 24% on every order has made using these types of services far too expensive for lots of Cumbrian businesses.

We can offer this simple service at a fraction of the price – by quickly & easily adding an online ordering system to your existing website. Food Clever enables your customers to place orders online for collection or delivery with a simple tweak of your current website. (We can provide that too if you don’t currently have one!)

Why choose Food Clever?

The benefits of using your own branded website for food collections and delivery are endless. The main reason is to save you and your business your pennies. We say pennies but have your ever totted up how much commission you pay per month to these food hub giants? It will be in the hundreds each month needlessly. Don’t let the bigger food hubs eat your profits!

Keep your customers

Web traffic stays on your own website. Other food hub service providers take you to their website creating alternative food options for the foodie to be distracted with.

Stay in control

​Food Clever uses your existing website which means your business is in full control.

Build your brand

We provide social media content when all new websites go live with Food Clever. Our followers across all of our media channel are made aware that the food establishment is now taking orders digitally.

We're local too

​Local business to business support and help. When your business grows– we grow. We are not a faceless brand, we continue to offer guidance and support to our clients. Referrals are key to our success.

All the data

A huge benefit derived from digital ordering, when you manage it through your own branded website, is the access to data it gives you. Every time a customer places an order, you can gather data on that person – who they are, what they bought and how frequently they buy it. That data can then be used to create effective loyalty programs and to make business decisions that lead to an increase in sales and efficiency. We can help you with this. Through data, you can turn nameless customers into loyal guests that keep coming back for more.

Customer Benefits

No service charges to pay

Fast & simple online ordering service

Order from mobile, laptop or tablet

No in store wait times

No call waiting times with engaged lines

Delivery or pickup options available

Ready to place your order?

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