Go Digital or Go Home

Go digital or go home in 2021  

Our increasingly digital lifestyle during the pandemic has placed more emphasis on the need to be digital as brands – brand personality and tone of voice are key even when times are tough. If you don’t know who you are2021 is the time to find out and bring this through in your digital content! We have put together some key point to consider and reflect upon going forward to 2021 about digitalisation in businesses today. 


Digital presence is key for sales –  

Digital engagement will become the number one driver of customer value in 2021. “By the end of 2021, we expect 30% of large firms to have a significant digital product portfolio and 20% to stand up digital divisions dedicated to launching disruptive products,” Forrester said. The world of 2020 shook up the selling industry as businesses were forced to take their business online. In 2021 customers will now look to a brands digital presence as an indicator of their quality and forward thinking – and as Forrester states large businesses are really seeing the importance of this in 2021.  

Buy buttons will be everywhere –  

2021 will be a year in which businesses will toss a variety of sales channels at the wall to see which ones stick. “It won’t just be a decision between Shopify+ versus custom-coding a headless commerce solution—or Facebook Shops versus Amazon Business. It will be about experimenting with all these channels to build new types of direct customer relationships. Seeing what different sales paths works for your business best will be a huge task of 2021 for businesses that are stepping on to the digital scene.  

Spreading your brands message –  

Using your digital presence to bring your brand alive will be a task of 2021. With a lot of touch points and brand experiences being limited due to the virus, businesses must utilise the digital to bring themselves alive. With the mix that a digital presence possesses, of a global community and instant communication the sky is the limit. If you are struggling with content to engage your audience here are a few areas, you could try…  

Be helpful:  This may even mean going beyond the bounds of your product to provide your audience with links to other useful resources they can engage with, or it could mean showing them how they can get more out of your products and services.  

Have fun and inspire:  Everyone needs feel-good stories! Being the brand to bring this to your audience can be incredibly powerful.  

Share your caring credentials:  From sustainability to committing to workplace wellbeing initiatives, whatever you’re doing to make the world a better place, now is the time to make sure that you’re sharing those stories.  

With everything that has happened over the last year, it’s now time to look ahead and think about future proofing your business, while we can’t predict what lies ahead over the next few months… we can create resilient and digital businesses that will be prepared to overcome any disruption when the unexpected happens again! 

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