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Alison Fawkes


Alison Fawkes Luxury Cake Design

Branding is a form of storytelling. The creation of a logo is so much more than drawing up inviting imagery. It is the first chapter in the book of your business! Our design team works closely with our clients to unearth their individuality and transform this essence into a physical image.

Alison Fawkes is one of the top Cake Decorators in Cumbria. The esteemed baker has a remarkable reputation that results in Cake requests from all over the UK. With such an established name for her business, Alison knew that she needed to ensure her storytelling matched the product.

Alison was a delight to work with; she came to us with a clear idea of what she wished to achieve. The premise was that her brand would mirror the quality and artistic beauty of her stunning cakes. Our Design Team worked closely with Alison to elevate her current branding to this luxurious level. We achieved this by creating a logo that radiates class, elegance, and style. Our Creative Lead, Beccy, adopted a mixture of a Traditional Classic Font and a Fluid Modern Font to finalise the logo. The colour palette used subtle but sophisticated grey tones. The combination creates an elegant look that perfectly complements Alison’s cake decorating.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Alison; we trust that she was just as delighted with the finished product. This branding project was undoubtedly history in the baking!