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In The Meantime

The world of dining has seen a massive change in the last few years with the rise of various diets and tastes; it is a must for restaurants to cater to this ever-growing diversity and expectations. Few establishments will achieve this in the style that In the Meantime have done.

In the Meantime offer beautiful, bespoke menus that showcase their mouth-watering meals created using locally sourced food from our very own Lakelands. This homegrown feeling spreads across to the drinks menu that grants the guests a taste of the finest Cumbrian beverages. They pride themselves on serving the finest Vegan & Gluten-Free Cuisine in Carlisle. In the Meantime perfectly balance this respect for the local area and an appreciation for international dishes and drinks.

We were thrilled when the manager at In the Meantime, Callum Kirkbride, approached us to use our expertise in Branding. With the re-opening of hospitality nearing, Callum had a powerful vision while we had a firm deadline. Callum’s concept was to design a contemporary and electrifying restaurant with a lot of flare! Our Creative Lead Beccy worked closely with Callum to help shape his goal. We love meeting local talent so, we were delighted to collaborate with talented Carlisle Artist Jenna Coulthard to compose a colourful, spirited, and playful brand. We decided that the bar’s vibe should invite a crowd looking for a fresh, new hot spot in Carlisle. We established this aura with the striking mural on the first-floor wall, the fascinatingly unique frozen cocktails, and the taste-buds-tingling menus.

With this incredible atmosphere born from branding, In the Meantime needed an online presence that mirrored this edgy and modern look. Our Creative Lead Danielle examined the work accomplished by Beccy and Jenna to design a website that matched the overall mood. A groovy space showing the digital versions of menus, information, and access to booking a table.

The branding, website and menus designs, and social media content were all complete within 20 days. This is a prime example of how our team works efficiently and precisely to meet a client’s deadline while turning out an entire project that meets the brief.