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LR Fitness

Linda came to us to set up a new business specialising in Women’s Fitness. She required a fresh brand and logo that would highlight her passion for teaching women and helping them reap the health benefits from exercise. Linda also needed a platform where both existing and new customers could easily view and book classes that suit their specific needs.

Linda qualified as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in 2007. Since then, she has completed numerous training sessions specialising in women’s health and fitness. She is also a certified Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Fitness Instructor. In August 2021, she decided to spread her wings and go solo with LR Fitness. She now offers mother and child fitness classes, personal training sessions, ladies-only boot camps, and virtual sessions.

Linda welcomes all children to the classes and has more than enough resources to keep them entertained while their mums exercise! We love this aspect of LR Fitness as it gives busy mums the chance to catch up on their fitness without worrying about childcare.

Laura, our graphic designer, was put in charge of creating a fresh new brand and logo for Linda. It is important to use a colour palette that will attract the target audience. LR Fitness caters to women so, the pastel pink with accents of grey and dark blue work well as welcoming tones.

We incorporated a dumbbell within the logo to instantly show people what LR Fitness is all about, while still looking professional and memorable. Linda also required various versions of this logo that she could share across her social media and print onto weights and posters.

As for the website, our design team needed to create a fully functional website that was clear and easy to navigate that also worked well with her new branding. Not only did her booking system need to be tailored around her existing methods of block booking and payments, but also have a weekly timetable of the current classes.

“So excited for my gorgeous new website, thanks to the very talented and patient ladies at Work Clever Digital!”

It is clear that Linda is pleased with the look of her new business and we couldn’t be happier for her. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Linda, we will continue to support her as her business grows!