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Neo 360

Neo360 is the most comprehensive harm reduction monitoring and reporting solution available. 

Our team develops the widely popular software.  It helps hundreds of users in thousands of locations to improve their outcomes and prospects. ⁠ The final project travelled as far and wide as Canada and is now an invaluable tool utilised by the Canadian government.

Neo360 is a social-ethical software development that provides products and services to harm reduction services across the UK, Europe, and North America. The software aims to assist harm reduction services while improving the care and prospects of clients.

The vision is to provide high quality, low-cost service, and the most advanced harm reduction solutions available.

We designed and developed Neo360 using the latest technology with a clear focus on speed and usability.

Users benefit from:

  • – Easy access from multiple locations via the internet using PC’s, iPhone, iPads
  • – Needle exchange monitoring
  • – Supervised consumption monitoring
  • – Naloxone monitoring
  • –  Alcohol Assessments
  • – Advanced reporting and invoicing
  • – Comprehensive stock control and re-ordering

Neo360 has users in most Scottish Health Boards, a national deployment throughout Wales, many users across England, a new national roll out across the Republic of Ireland, plus deployment in Canada.