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After we completed our work with Midtown Milkhouse, we only thought we had gained an insight into farm life. However, we were yet to meet NutriGrow, and our agricultural knowledge was about to rocket!

We love seeing independent businesses run by passionate people who authentically care about the service that they provide. This idea applies to Rachael & Anne Story, the founders of NutriGrow, who have a laudable love and driving determination for what they do.

Their ethos is to supply customers with confident, qualified advice and NutriGrow certified products. It is far beyond theory for the Story family as they breed Sheep and raise their own Suckler Cattle. This hands-on understanding of agriculture has granted NutriGrow the experience to know what farmers need. NutriGrow ensures that the products they sell, they would use on their livestock too.

Established in 2018, NutriGrow is still a relatively new company. Solely relying on Facebook and word of mouth since then, their growing popularity now required a more stable selling base. It was time for NutriGrow to create a website to cater to their current clients and reach an even wider audience. This platform would also showcase all their products in one convenient place.

Our Discovery Meeting with NutriGrow allowed us to gain an insight into everything from the overall image to the precise requirements of the website. We began to form the solution which exceeded that of a simple E-Commerce website, and so we created a bespoke answer that fitted all of their unique needs. The Story family wanted the site design to reflect their characteristics, hoping that it would look friendly and welcoming yet distinct and professional. Our Design Team stayed true to the branding, using NutriGrows colours and photos of their animals throughout the site. We created a highly functional, mobile-friendly E-Commerce site that fits NutriGrow’s specific needs.

It was a pleasure to work with NutriGrow, and we look forward to our future with them as their business grows.

View full website here.