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CCS – Contactless Check Solutions, is the new and easy way to ensure fire door compliance in line with UK regulations.

CCS fire door inspection apps capture data in real-time for manufacture, installation, and annual checks.

Virtual Black Box technology ensures there is no loss of data. The accountable person has a comprehensive overview, in real-time. This makes it quick and easy to manage your stock safely, responsibly, and ensure compliance with the changing UK Legislation.

Fire doors can now be ordered pre-chipped with manufacturer’s data. Pre-existing fire doors can be easily retrofitted in under a minute. Tough and rugged chip exterior ensures pin will outlast the lifetime of the fire door itself.

Fire doors are inspected using CCS app installed on compatible smartphones. This allows for real-time data syncing, without the need for additional expensive hardware.

Data is end-to-end encrypted and only accessible by authorised personnel.

Virtual Black Box technology enables seamless communication from hardware to software, protected in case of fire or natural disaster. End-to-end encryption ensures data is only accessed by authorised personnel.

Easily see an overview of all fire doors using a simple traffic light system, Compliant doors (Green), Unchecked doors (Amber), and Failed doors (Red).