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Russell McKenzie Music

Russell McKenzie is a singer-songwriter from Gretna.

Russell found us on Instagram; after examining our portfolio, he decided that he wanted us involved in his art! He sent us a message to see if we could create a music lyric video for his song ‘Silence is Golden.’ We were thrilled at the opportunity to design a media piece that was so different from what we would usually devise!

After listening to his beautiful song, our Creative Lead Danielle got to work with brainstorming imagery that would capture the mood and power behind the lyrics. Danielle designed a blurred spotlight background using an autumnal colour palette to mirror the title of the song. The out-of-focus lighting with the dark backdrop perfectly matches the lyric’s pensive feeling of melancholy.

We absolutely loved trying out this form of producing media as it was new and exciting for our team. Collaborating with musical artists like this is something that we would love to do again in the future!