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The Driven Employee

As we are a small, independent business, our office feels like a second home here at WCD. We hold our work relationships in high regard and sincerely value the connections that we create. So, we know how important it is for all businesses to have well-established relations between management and their staff. The Driven Employee is a company that bases its premise on achieving this goal. A HR Consultants and Management training firm that helps others to reach their full working potential. Both in terms of efficiency and workplace happiness.

Barbara and Martin from the Driven Employee came to us looking for a fresh new look. They required a rebrand that would reflect their passion for their work and the level of success that they have reached. Their website needed a revamp that could keep up with the high demand. The Driven Employee accepted the UK Lockdowns as a challenge that they were well equipped for and decided to use the current climate as an opportunity to establish their new look. They wished to affirm their online presence, especially on their social media pages.

These days, it is crucial that a rebrand is a fully rounded campaign. So, we advise our clients to consider our Social Media Management package, and The Driven Employee was more than happy with this suggestion. Our Creative Lead in Digital Content, Becky, is an expert at all things Social! She works closely with a brand to analyse the traits that will make them stand out on every Social feed. Beccy works monthly with Barbara and Martin to create LinkedIn and Instagram content to capture and engage their audience.

Barbara and Martin were satisfied with the concept behind their initial logo and wanted to keep the cog and footstep elements. We agreed that the logo had immense potential but, we wanted to take it to the next level! With a new typeface, a re-style of details, and an injection of colour, our Creative Lead in Graphic Design, Kirsty, rejuvenated the branding to gave it a new lease of life.

As for The Driven Employee website, our design team wished to produce a platform that would embody their welcoming and friendly manner. Using the bright colours and famous cogs from their brand imagery to achieve this goal. We ensured that this inviting aesthetic was paired with sufficient efficiency by creating a highly functional website. The website now contains all the information about their training courses and HR Management. The website was then further developed into an e-commerce store that The Driven Employee can sell educational e-books. This feature allows the company to add even more value and substance to its long list of credits!

It has been a pleasure working with Barbara and Martin, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as their business and website evolve to even greater heights!

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