The History of Work Clever Digital

As a digital agency we talk and promote the idea of brand narrative and identity a lot to our customers as we know it is a basis of a great brand. Reflecting on this we understand many people might not know the story around our own brand and how Work Clever Digital has grown over the years.

The company was founded in 2012 by Michael Stewart. Michael previously worked as an IT manager at the Story Group, he moved to Cumbria in 2007 with his family. Story was very supportive as Michael decided to take the journey of working for himself.

As Michael set up what we know now as Work Clever Digital in 2012, he did so with an undeniable love for software development. His goal was to work with companies to create bespoke software that solved the same problems faced by business of all sizes.

Michaels first client was Telford’s Coaches Based in Newcastleton. They came to Michael wanting a system to manage the coach’s timetables and Michael delivered a bespoke software system to the business. Following this first project, with great connections and working with some amazing companies to develop solution-based software, Michael quickly built a portfolio of projects based near and far to Cumbria.

In 2015, the idea of developing and growing the company into a fully-fledged digital agency came to the forefront after many clients were asking for websites and digital marketing from the company after knowing and seeing the quality of our software work. This is something that Michael resisted for a long time as he knew it would be a huge leap for him. However, having a great portfolio of companies, it gave Michael the confidence in venturing in to this new and exciting industry. He knew he wanted to provide a 360 service from branding, web design to software and app development and from knowing that no company in the surrounding area was already  able to offer the 360 experience like he could, he knew this was the right path for the business.

In 2019, Michael hired the first new employee to make this dream a reality and started to offer more than just software development. Heading in to 2020 with a rebrand and refresh of the company at hand it was a really exciting time, but as we all know the year 2020 hasn’t been a regular year. It threw curve ball after curve ball, which has made us a very resistant and resourceful business, we started to work more locally providing great Cumbrian businesses with digital solutions to face the pandemic.

As a brand we value the strength of the businesses that we work with, especially after the year we have had and that is currently at the forefront of our objectives as a company. We want to help businesses get back on track and come out of this pandemic with a new outlook. Through the services we offer we can supply any business with the digital tool it needs to get back working in a way that’s better than ever before.

Although the last year was hard, we as a company have had a huge year. Over the last year we have gained lots of new clients and increased our staff, so as we stand now, we are the digital agency that was imagined in 2015 and we can’t wait to see where the next few years takes us.

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