Videography & Photography

Create a lasting impression

Once, it would take a sturdy budget, specialised team, and range of equipment to get an aerial shot. Now with drone videography, you can create high-end production content on a low budget. Here at WCD, we offer transformative drone videography that packs a punch on any marketing campaign.


Our most used drone equipment is the DJI Mavic Mini, it’s a compact drone with a camera-like shooting ability. One of the great features of the Mavic Mini is that it is under the weight limit for most drone licences therefore the process of shooting and creating memorable content is easy and requires limited pre-planning.

We take inspiration from our surroundings

Being on the doorstep of the Lake District definitely has its perks! We often head out into The Lakes with the drone to capture the breath-taking views. Ravens Crag in the Lake District is definitely a must-go, with a short sharp incline you can gain a stunning view right down Thirlmere.

Brand Videography

The Support local farming project with Midtown Milkhouse was a delight to produce. The drone video creates a strong brand message and implements visual storytelling within their new website. It was important for us here at WCD to capture the essence of the experience you gain when going to the Milkhouse. The stunning scenery of the village of Caldbeck was definitely something we wanted to capture. We worked closely with the family to produce a video that has a really important message and that represents their brand perfectly.

We're here to bring your brand to life

We strive to create professional videos that capture the essence of your brand, our level of customer service and work ethic speaks for itself. In every video we create, there is an individual story we are promoting; therefore, no video or process is the same. With such an over-saturated market within digital content, it is important as a brand to stand out, and with a drone video to capture your brand, you can do just that! Get in touch today to start your brand project.