Vision, Budget and Content: What to consider when creating a branded video

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Videos is a very powerful marketing tool – 87% of marketers use videos for their business brand or products for promotions. With the rise of platforms such a Tik Tok, Reels on Instagram and YouTube content creation video has become a huge recourse for connecting with your audience.  


Things to consider when creating video content: 


What is the purpose for you to be creating this video? What do you want to achieve? Is it brand awareness, Product promotion or something else?  

The most successful video’s require in-depth planning, you need to plan the stages to ensure that the video correctly a-lines with your vision.  A well organised and planned idea will save you time, money and will be more efficient in creating your brand message. 

Storyboarding, brainstorming and mood-boarding all helps to outline the vision of your video.  

Whose attention are you trying to grab & where are you planning to find those people? 

Answering these two questions is important to tailor your content accordingly. These questions should steer the direction of the creative direction of your film.  

For example, the aspect ratios for different social channels need to be thought through as well as how the content will read on each platform. Instagram often has a portrait aspect ratio whereas YouTube has a landscape ratio.  



Often video content can be expensive, especially if you are going to make high quality and polished videos – Video for advertisements such a website or televisions can often be a considerable investment. 

If this is the first time you are using video content for your brand, consider setting aside a good budget – a high end video could be a brilliant first impression for your brand, such videos can create credibility and trust from your consumer! 

Ways to create a high budget video would include getting a third-party video production company involved, such as ourselves. Here’s an example of video content we created for Midtown Milkhouse. There are many other video production companies and film makers that love working with local businesses. These videos aren’t just a one trick pony either, the content can be used over your website, you-tube channel, social media channels, billboard advertisements and many more. The great thing about video is that you can chop it down to lots of different lengths to create multiple different effects too.  

Businesses that benefit from high end video content are those at which rely on stunning imagery to sell their services/ products such a hospitality, beauty, fashion, real estate, food & beverages, start-ups sports and entertainment.  

As much as high-end video can be impressive you can still create eye catching content on a lower budget… With smartphones being so advanced and so accessible you can create high quality content through just using your phone, this will always give more of a personal feel to the content you are creating. Some ideas for lower budget video content would be: Behind the scenes videos, what goes on behind the closed doors of your business; Interviews with your star employee’s and customer experience videos. This video can be embedded into an email newsletter, social media posts and blogs to promote brand awareness.   

These videos are appealing they feel more so raw, the unrehearsed and real time content creates more impacts on your target audience.   

One thing to note is that even though you use an affordable way to capture your film the video still requires excellent sound quality for clarity and good lighting, these are small things that will add up and create a cohesive and enjoyable film.   

You can start small and gradually get to expensive videos content as your team and your budget grows.  



Although there are no fundamental lines to stay between or specific guidelines when creating content there are a few things to consider when trying to create a successful campaign: 

  • Ask for feedback from your customers, what do they love about your business, what made them want to buy in to your brand.  
  • Tell a story… the world that we live within now gives the consumer the power to delve into the brand and your story, if there’s nothing to delve into the consumer will lose interest fast.  
  • Add subtitles to your videos to increase their reach. Did you know 85% of video content on Facebook is watched without sound? Subtitles make it easier for people to consume content. 
  • Make shorter teaser versions. If your video is long, make 10 second clips to build up to the final film. 
  • Get a few fresh sets of eyes to view it before publishing it, it’s always good to have a viewer that hasn’t been involved in the process of making the video to review it before it going live.  


There is no one rule or formula to a successful video. You learn as you go. Monitor the progress of your strategy. Observe styles that click and those that fail and adapt accordingly. 

If you are interested in using us for you creative video content please get in touch!


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