What do you mean you don’t use Drone Videography?

Drone videography is being increasingly used in marketing campaigns and it’s for one simple reason… Its exciting!

Drones create highly engaging content and in a world that is saturated with streams of content, it’s never been more important to stand out. The fortunate thing is that once it would cost you a small fortune to create this type of content, you would most probably need a helicopter and a specialised team with expensive equipment, something only large global businesses could fork out for.  Now for at a fraction of the cost and the size of a normal camera, you can buy a drone to draw your intended audience in.

The increasing shift that covid has had on businesses has meant that the main connection between them and their consumers is online. With the huge move in digital content people are consuming content more rapidly than ever before, and it’s never been more important to connect with your consumer through your digital channels. A few years ago, touch points of your businesses may have been, seeing people within your store or meeting with people at networking event but due to the pandemic all of that ended very fast.

It’s no longer enough to simply produce content, it now must be compelling and authentic or you risk getting lots in the noise.

Video within marketing has become hugely popular, businesses everywhere are seeing the power of video, whether that’s through branded YouTube channels the use of tik toks and reels or branded ad campaigns. To prove them all right it has been found that video within email marketing increased the click through rates by 200% – 300% as well as 64% of buyers are more likely to buy something after watching a video.

Here are some ways that drone videography can boost your marketing efforts :

It puts you ahead of your competition.

Marketers who are working to master the newest trends are those that are willing to satisfy their consumers needs.

You can provide a more memorable web experience.

Many small businesses can captivate their audience with the use of drone videography and can ultimately convert the engagement into sales.

It can help you stand out & tell a story better

One of the best ways to use a drone is to tell a story, a drone allows you to tell that story from multiple viewpoints, it adds a high production value to any video you produce.

If you’re struggling to imagine how a drone video could add value to your businesses marketing efforts take a look at our recent project with Midtown Milkhouse. We captured a brand video to be added to their new website to give their audience a taste of what Midtown Milkhouse is.

If you are interested in our creative content services please get in touch!

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