WorkClever Digital
The Work Clever App is the perfect business management portal

This portal is an investment that will not only deliver and save your business time and money – it also incorporates all key functions your company needs in one place to manage your business effectively, including:

Daily Work Management

A user-friendly platform that enables multiple log-ins and allows employees to manage their own tasks, calendars, holiday requests and online forms from one device, keeping everything simple and in one place.

One Click Reporting

The Work Clever app can help you to discover insights into your company in just one click, you can report instantly and get all the information you need to make quick and informed decisions, allowing you to have full control over your business, anytime, anywhere.

Paperless Processes

Instantly cut out the majority of paper used across your company. All paper forms can be added into the portal and are pre-populated, saving you time and money. If you are currently wasting time scanning, or constantly adding the same forms to systems day after day then the move to paperless is going to be beneficial, not only to the direct user but the whole company too!


We understand how important it is to make a platform that allows you to operate your company remotely, both online and offline. Being able to send forms and see paperwork, even when you are not in the office, allows your company to have a smoother operation.

How many hours do your employee’s waste entering data multiple times?

How much does your business spend on paper, stationery, scanning and photocopying various forms and documents?

How many employees within your business are consumed with checking and rechecking data entry as your current method isn’t reliable?

Based on an industry standard for an Administrators wage of £8.50 per hour, this equates to £1,473 per month you could be utilising rather than wasting. Invest in the Work Clever App and let your employees shine rather than doing the daily monotonous tasks the Work Clever App will do for you.

Kick start your digital journey by using the Work Clever App

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